Real Estate Agents Near Me

Real Estate Agents Near Me? (And 9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Agent in Ottawa)

Whether you are buying or selling your home in Ottawa, Orleans or Rockland, you want someone you can trust to make the experience as smooth and easy as possible. Anything short of that might be a total nightmare. Real estate agents are kind of like hair stylists, in that sense. You give them the ideal picture of how you want something to turn out, and they do their best to make that reality. Yet, if you and the real estate agent cannot communicate properly, success seems out of reach. 


That is why we have come up with some questions to ask a real estate agent before hiring them for the job. You will be able to find the best agent in no time.


Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent in Ottawa

1. How long have you worked as a real estate agent in Ottawa?

This is always the first question you should ask. Experience plays a role in a lot of transactions. If a real estate agent is enthusiastic and knows what they are doing, they should have plenty of time spent in the industry. Someone who has been in the real estate business for a while will also know the ins and outs, so they can spot any potential problems before it begins. 


We also don’t mean to say that newer, less experienced real estate agents don’t deserve a chance. However, if you choose to work with someone new, ask if they will have a mentor or someone to speak with during the home buying or selling process. 


2. Have you worked as a real estate agent near me for a long time? How many houses in the east end of Ottawa have you sold?

Next, you need to ask about the area in which they serve. Some real estate agents don’t know the region where they work all that well, either because they are new to the industry or recently moved in the east-end themselves. Finding someone who knows the area is crucial, however. They will be able to pinpoint the best locations for your new residence, if you are buying. If they don’t have anything in their own listings, an established real estate agent in the area will know of others who do have properties that match your needs. 


Also, ask about the number of transactions. A consistent track record proves that they have expertise and are successful negotiators. 


3. What kind of /how many clients do you have right now?

Use this question to gauge how much time an agent will have for you. Someone with too many clients might not have enough time to take you on. In that case, make sure they have a team. When done properly, a Real Estate agent with many successful clients will have greater exposure and more chances of selling your property or finding your desired home. If someone doesn’t have any clients, it may be a warning sign. 


4. Do you have a Real Estate license?

Always make sure you are working with a registered and Real Estate licensed professional. There are scam artists everywhere you go. A Real Estate license also serves as proof of education. 


5. Will I be working just with you or a team of real estate agents?

Often, a client enters into a relationship with an agent, only to find that an assistant has taken on the case. This can be confusing and alarming, especially when you have placed your trust in the agent. 


To avoid this, make sure you ask who will be handling your account and figure out what is being delegated to the other staff members. The good news is that knowing your real estate agent has support staff means they should be working more efficiently than an agent who does the entire thing alone.


6. When are you available for contact?

Real estate is definitely a tough job, and some agents only work part-time. Since they are only human, you can’t expect someone to be available all the time. That said, when you are looking for a real estate agent in your area, they should be willing and able to make time for you. Someone who never seems capable of returning your calls or has other commitments may not be the best fit, especially if you are looking to buy or sell as soon as possible. 


7. Are you able to explain the home buying process from beginning to end?

This question is more for those seeking their first home. Because the process of finding a new residence and signing the contract can be complicated, you want to know that your agent can guide you every step of the way. When you ask them to explain, take notes, and ask more questions about things you don’t understand. 


Some topics may include making offers, seeing houses, home inspections, the closing process, commissions, and more. The agent should be patient and willing to answer these questions. And if what they say makes sense, you have found a good match.


Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring Someone 

After interviewing a couple of candidates, you want to sit back and reflect. 


1. Does the real estate agent have my best interest in mind?

A decent real estate agent in Ottawa is going to act as a guide through the transaction. They should be willing to point out the good, bad, and ugly points of a house or a deal. However, they should also never pressure you and should leave the decision to you. 


2. Have they given me a good impression?

Ultimately, it is your gut feeling about a person that will tell you whether an agent is a good match. If you feel comfortable speaking with the individual, that is a great sign. A good real estate agent will be able to answer your questions, be authentic and transparent, and have enough experience to guide you successfully. 



It doesn’t matter if you are buying your first home or selling a fourth. You need a decent real estate agent in Ottawa to get the job done right. By asking these questions, you will be able to find an agent you trust and make buying and selling much more productive. 


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