organized moving system

Organized Moving System

Set up an Organized Moving System so that it is easy to tell which boxes should be moved to which floors and rooms of your new home.

Download Our Moving System – Click here!

Count the number of rooms/areas of your new home. Head to the dollar store and buy as many rolls of coloured duct tape/masking tape as you have areas of your new home (we were able to find enough colours between our two local stores). Assign each room/area a colour. If you buy different shades of the same colour we suggest assigning those colours to similar or close areas of your home (ex. living room and dining room are different shades of green). It can also be useful to assign colour families to different floors (ex. red, pink, purple, and orange – upstairs, blue, green, teal – main floor.)

Once the rooms are assigned their colours use our provided template to create coloured signs. Add a piece of coloured tape to each box according to the room’s assigned colour. We found it best to put the tape on a corner so it was visible on more than one side of the box! Print and hang your signs on the door or wall of each room so your movers can clearly see what boxes go where!

This colour labeling system can make the moving process more efficient as you can see by the tape colour where the box should go rather than having to find the (sometimes messy) writing on the boxes. Assigning each room its own colour will also eliminate the confusion between bedroom #2 and bedroom #3.

This system is available for download as a MSPowerPoint document so that the colours and rooms can be changed or added as needed.

Happy moving!!

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