4 Positive Ways You Can Use the COVID-19 Lockdown

You may have expected a list of things to do at home to alleviate boredom during the social distancing lockdown imposed by Covid-19; hobbies, family games, home entertainment, learning new skill…you know, the usual lists being produced online lately. It seems that everyone has already come up with suggestions covering every diversion under the sun. [...]

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Thinking of Moving During the COVID-19 Social Distancing Lockdown?

DON’T MOVE UNTIL YOU READ THESE FIVE TIPS You’ve sold your house and are moving to an upgrade. You have retired and are moving into a retirement community. You have accepted a job transfer to a new location out of town. There are many reasons for having to move households, but now that you are [...]

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Keep Your Home Safe From Cyber Attacks During COVID-19

Hackers and scammers thrive during times of social upheaval and are taking full advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic by sending emails, phone calls, texts and social media messages that contain phishing links, malicious attachments or fake information. They impersonate governments, health authorities, technical support groups, banks and other organizations in the hope of bilking the [...]

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