If a complete remodel is not in the cards for some residents of the Ottawa & Clarence-Rockland area, there are plenty of ways to transform the face of your property on a budget. Perhaps one or more of the simple (and budget-friendly) suggestions could potentially give your indoor and outdoor space a lift this spring:


Simple Upgrades, Simple Payoffs 


1. Declutter and store out of season clothing and items. 

If you havent worn it or used it, let it go!


2. Rearrange the furniture or swap decor around the house. 

Believe it or not, rearranging rooms can be both practical and therapeutic! Reordering items around the house can make spaces more balanced, while elevating mood and creativity. This process also helps us tidy up, which is naturally rewarding. 


3. Try an accent wall with barn doors or stone. 

Whether you are looking for a showpiece or something more subtle to compliment your existing decor, an accent wall is both versatile and stylish. There are a variety of accent wall and/or door designs to cater to your taste and existing decor. 


12 Simple Budget-Friendly Upgrades for your Home| Change up throw cushions or area rugs

4. Change up throw cushions or area rugs. 

Chic pillows for the sofa and contemporary area rugs for the floor is akin to hanging new artwork on the walls. Simple additions help pull a room together and are economical to switch out with seasons and trends.


5. Install crown molding and/or baseboards.

Clean, updated baseboards and decorative crown molding complement each other very well and give featured rooms an attractive, finished look.


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6. Update cabinet door hardware in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Switching out hardware can be transformative for your space. To be as cost effective as possible, get creative when it comes to purchasing hardware in bulk. Try Amazon, Etsy, E-bay or even your local Habitat for Humanity Restore for a cost savings. 


12 Simple Budget-Friendly Upgrades for your Home | Freshen up with potted plants


7. Freshen up with potted plants, herb kits and fresh florals.

Plants and flowers are beneficial to us both on a scientific and aesthetic level. If purifying air and releasing oxygen isn’t reason enough to bring them in, plants beautify our spaces and help reduce stress. Similarly, herb kits are a fun way to test out a green thumb while adding colour/fragrance to the home — and flavour to a favourite recipe!


8. Let more light in and change up curtains.

Curtains can complete the look of your space and are relatively inexpensive to replace when it’s time for something new. For the main living areas of the home, one option is to select curtains that are airy and light, in order to let more light into the home. Natural light can make an area appear larger and brighter while disinfecting and improving air quality.


9. Paint the interior.

By far, paint is the most inexpensive remodel with the best return on investment. Painting is the single greatest way to freshen up the inside of your home on a budget. You will not regret adding a little bit more colour to your world!


10. Enhance the outdoor entryway.

With the interior in shape, next comes beautifying the exterior, which powerfully increases curb appeal. Try painting the front door and porch a complementary, bold colour, but don’t stop there! Replace the door handle and house numbers if dated, as this will be the first point of contact for guests and prospective buyers. In addition, clean up the steps to the front entryway and add potted plants to positively impress.  


12 Simple Budget-Friendly Upgrades for your Home | Repair & reseal driveway.


11. Manicure the lawn and flowerbeds.

Landscaping often reflects the level of care the home has received, so be sure to make a good impression! Cutting, edging and watering the grass is a great start. Some homeowners even try out lawn paint (don’t worry, it’s safe). After greener grass, planting colourful flowers in the garden bed, weeding and adding mulch will give your property a well-kept, crisp appearance.


12. Repair & reseal driveway.

Last but not least: the hardscape! As a finishing touch, repairing cracks and sealcoating the concrete or asphalt is relatively easy and greatly enhances the look of the entire place. Many sealants can be applied without the help of a professional and will up the curb appeal significantly. 


Simple upgrades to the home (both interior and exterior) can greatly improve well-being, quality of life, productivity, mood and overall mental health. Incorporating one or more of these suggestions definitely will give you and your space a well deserved pick-me-up this spring! Don’t underestimate the power of curb appeal to match the tasteful interior of your home!