The Spring Revamp 

It’s springtime once again and there certainly has been no shortage of “revamping” since the beginning of COVID-19. We’ve all had to change our plans, schedules and lives to better suit the world as we know it today.

One trend gaining momentum in Ottawa & Clarence-Rockland area, amidst the pandemic commotion is the home revamp or renovation. Working professionals in particular are choosing to renovate because the home is where they now conduct business. More than ever before, homes must be functional to double or triple as office spaces, classrooms, studios and the like.

If you or someone you know is considering a home renovation, it may not be totally out of reach. Several homeowners have opted to refinance or re-leverage existing homes, pulling out equity to make spaces more livable and functional in a day and age where the majority of people simply stay home.


Kitchens, Bathrooms, Office Spaces

You’ve probably heard it said that kitchens and bathrooms sell! Well, it’s true. And now, home office spaces (and dens) add equal value for homeowners and prospective buyers.

It goes without saying that the kitchen remodel, anything from new cabinets, to countertops and backsplash, to appliances and a kitchen island install will lend itself to the family’s routines or to the single or couple’s lifestyle. Thankfully, sellers do recoup the costs of a kitchen renovation at the point of resale. 

Bathrooms definitely are a close second to kitchen renos, as they leave a stunning impression upon entry, while in many cases improving energy efficiency as well as boosting aesthetics and property value. Surface level fixes like new faucets, fixtures, vanity mirrors, shower tiles, and even flooring can go a long way to improve the atmosphere and flow of the bathroom. If it’s out of scope, don’t be too shy to call in a pro! 

Last but not least to mention: the office space! Keep in mind that home buyers are currently in the market for houses with a functional office space and/or den. For current homeowners, updated office furniture, organization, even a designer may pay dividends when creating your dream workspace. Surely a new and improved space will serve your needs for years to come and will show beautifully when up for sale. 


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In a whole other category of living is the finished basement. Families are now requiring additional space for the fact that more time is spent in the home. There are increasingly more refinished basements on the market compared to years past. At minimum, finishing your basement allows you to increase the living space of your home and at best, it is the reason your home makes it on the wish list of house hunters.


The proof is in the Paint

And then there was paint. If ever there was a cost effective way to get the best return on investment while improving the look of your home, it is in the paint! Painting affords the best ROI of home renos (upwards of 80%) and truly is the least costly and labour intensive. Certain colours are also known to affect mood and promote a sense of peace and tranquility, so choose carefully!


Reaping the Benefits 

Not only will homeowners enjoy a tasteful, comfortable living space immediately and in seasons to come, but the resale of the home will also reflect any upgrades. When it is time to sell, you can be confident that others will fall in love with your home. All it takes is a little springtime TLC.