12 Simple Budget-Friendly Upgrades for your Home

If a complete remodel is not in the cards for some residents of the Ottawa & Clarence-Rockland area, there are plenty of ways to transform the face of your property on a budget. Perhaps one or more of the simple (and budget-friendly) suggestions could potentially give your indoor and outdoor space a lift this spring: [...]

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Renovations to Increase your Quality of Life (and Property Value) this Spring

The Spring Revamp  It’s springtime once again and there certainly has been no shortage of “revamping” since the beginning of COVID-19. We’ve all had to change our plans, schedules and lives to better suit the world as we know it today. One trend gaining momentum in Ottawa & Clarence-Rockland area, amidst the pandemic commotion is [...]

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Why Ottawa Home Offices Are More Important Than Ever Before

In 2020, many people in the Ottawa & Clarence-Rockland area, made the shift to remote work. Even before that, the appeal of having a space in the home to do work from home had a massive appeal. There are many reasons why someone would want to portion out a section of the home for business, [...]

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