If you’re selling or buying a house in Rockland, you’ll notice that there are certain key features that make a home appealing. Because so many of the people who live here are looking for a quieter, more idyllic place to call home, they want things like larger yards, plenty of growing space for the whole family, and great views. At the same time, they want easy access to features like the public transportation system and the parks that make life here so much fun.

Some of the favorite features we encounter as Rockland real estate agents include:

    • Convenience: This can come in the shape of an attached garage, a finished basement, updated interiors, or even bonuses like a Jacuzzi tub in the master suite. Many people move to Rockland with their families or as a way to retire from city life, and they’re after the conveniences that make life a little better.
    • Space: Homes for sale in Rockland offer quite a bit of room. You’ll find large living and dining areas, as well as numerous bedrooms and bathrooms. Many of the homes here offer multiple floors and bonus rooms, as well, which makes it easy to enjoy a larger living space for less money.
    • Land: If you want land with your new home purchase, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to extensive properties with water and farm views, the Rockland, Ontario real estate market prides itself on offering an open, airy feel that you can’t find anywhere else. This feeling is the same regardless of whether you buy farm property or if you live in a residential neighbourhood in the heart of town.
    • Newer Construction: While historic homes in Ontario have their own appeal, much of the real estate in Rockland was built in the past twenty years. That means you’ll find modern amenities and floor plans built with today’s consumer in mind, as well as the kind of energy efficient and updated appliances and windows that can reduce your monthly bills. You can even find geothermal heating options in select homes.
    • Updated Kitchens: When your goal is a welcoming home where families and friends can gather, the kitchen becomes the most important room in the house. In Rockland, you’ll find that many of the kitchens have been updated to provide gorgeous finishing touches as well as more space for eating and entertaining at the same time.
    • Proximity to Schools and Shops: Rockland is known for its great school districts, community centres, local shopping districts, and city parks. Many homes are conveniently located near these features—making it that much easier to enjoy the town’s amenities.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Rockland. Whether you’re selling home and want to highlight the selling points, or if you’re buying a home and want to know which features are popular here, we can help you navigate the local real estate market to get the most out of your investment.