Relocating to Ottawa, Ontario

Although a large percentage of our clients are buying and selling homes in Ottawa while remaining local, we do see a fair amount of families considering relocation here from another city, province, or even country. The reasons to move to Ottawa are many, and we believe that just about everyone can find their niche—and perfect [...]

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Moving to Rockland: Area Amenities and Perks

Homes for sale in Rockland have been growing in popularity in recent years. This bedroom community offers convenient access to the Ottawa centre, but still retains a small-town charm that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. In fact, because Rockland maintains its Francophone roots so well, the people and services here tend to become more [...]

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Retirement Properties in Rockland

People buy homes for sale in Rockland, Ontario for a variety of reasons. For some people, it's a chance to get away from the city centre to enjoy a quieter way of life. For others, the affordability of Rockland real estate means that they can get a lot more house for their money. For still [...]

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Ottawa Real Estate: Choosing the Right Neighbourhood

As a metropolitan centre with over 800,000 residents, Ottawa offers a sprawling, active place to live. The city regularly tops the lists of Best Places to Live thanks to a high quality of life, great city services, and a solid economy. All these great options and city size mean that it can be hard to [...]

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Investment Properties in the Ontario Market

We recognize that not everyone currently looking at Ontario real estate is in the market for a new home. While residential real estate will always make up the largest percentage of real estate sales in Ottawa, Rockland, and other Ontario locations, some people look to property management as a way to generate an income. Fortunately, [...]

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