10 Essential Tasks to do before you Move

10 Essential Tasks to do Before You Move

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Congratulations, you are well on your way to getting the keys to your new home! The prospect of moving can be both an exciting and anticipated change, yet the reality for most is that the process of moving remains a stressful event. With this in mind, it only makes sense to use a checklist to prepare for the big close. While juggling the many balls of moving, you can also download our comprehensive checklist here for an additional helping hand. 

Closing Count-Down

Though it seems like a million things to arrange, let’s look at 10 important closing tasks involved in preparation for the big day:

1. If you’re going to be buying, ensure financing is in place and any inspections and/or appraisals are scheduled by condition day 

  • You will be required to provide documentation such as proof of employment, T4s, etc. to initially qualify for a mortgage and will also need to sign a contract with your lender upon approval 
  • Your mortgage broker or bank will help you straighten out the details
  • The lender may or may not require a home appraisal
  • It is your responsibility to reach out to a home inspector to evaluate the interior and structural integrity of the home to meet conditions 

2. Sign required documentation with your realtor and the buyer/seller

  • Your realtor will be the designated liaison between parties 

3. Notify important parties of your upcoming move and new address once you know sale is final 

  • You may want to forward mail to your new address for 6 months to make sure you don’t miss any important deliveries!

10 Essential Tasks to do before you Move | Organize your packers and movers

4. Organize your packers and movers

  • Decide whether you will be hiring a professional moving company or doing it yourself (DIY)

5. Contact utility companies for final readings and let providers know of your new address an possession date so you can get reconnected

6. Obtain quotes for home insurance and flip best quote to activate on possession date

  •  Your lawyer will more than likely require proof of home insurance at your appointment, so make sure you have the documentation ready

7. If you’re the seller, complete agreed upon repairs by condition day

  • Provide documentation to buyers and/or lenders for proof if required 

10 Essential Tasks to do before you Move

8. Confirm that contractually requested items are left behind for buyer 

  • Appliances, keys, remotes, any other items included in purchase contract must be in designated locations 

9. Meet with your lawyer to take care of final details 

  • Your lawyer’s office will let you know what documents you will need for your appointment slot 

10. When you get the go ahead from your realtor, set a time for the key release!

Like running a marathon, there are many steps and strides to reach the finished line. Thankfully, for residents of the Ottawa & Clarence-Rockland area, the RE/MAX Hallmark Excellence group is on  standby, ready to help you get from here to there. Ready, set, move!

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